Discipleship I Village Chapel Lompoc

Bible Studies

We have several bible studies throughout the week. There are some for everyone and others for just women or men. 

Midweek Study thru the Old Testament

Women’s Study on Wednesday Morning

Women’s Study on Friday at 6 AM

Women’s Study on Friday at 9 AM

Men’s Study on Tuesday at 7 PM

 Daily Walk Devotional

Reading the Bible is essential to the life of a Christian. Adding a devotional that takes a passage of Scripture and encourages the reader adds to that growth. Since 2017, Pastor Chuck has been writing a devotional for each weekday. You can read those at the Daily Walk Devotion website or purchase one of his books that has compiled them together. 

Live Stream I Village Chapel Lompoc


Miss a Sunday or looking for explanation on a certain book of the Bible. We probably have a recorded message that will help you. All of our messages are recorded on both audio and video. You can find content on most of the New Testament and much of the Old Testament. Click the links below to search:


Have you ever wondered what a passage in the Bible meant? Now you can get expert commentary on ever verse of the Bible for free. Enduring Word Commentary is the ministry of David Guzik who spent over 25 years writing a commentary on the whole Bible. You can access it here


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